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Useful Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

We all know that certain smells from essential oils could trigger different parts of the brain. The Lavender scent, for example, would make the mind calm, helps relieving stress. While, on the other hand, the Peppermint scent, will make the mind stay alerted. It’s no magic. There are some scientific explanations behind them. We are not going to talk about how the scent is affecting our brain cells today, but we are going to put some information about some most common aromatherapy and their benefits.

Eucalyptus Oil


The strong and distinct smell of eucalyptus oil helps with respiratory problems such as blocked nose, coughs, colds. Also great to deodorize the room to create a clean feel.

Caution: Not for people who suffer from epilepsy, as well as not for pregnant women. Large dose ingestions can be fatal.


Jasmine Oil


The sweet floral smell of jasmine oil is believed to assist with after childbirth depression. It soothes the nerves while restoring energy. It also helps enhancing libido.

Caution: Not for pregnant women.


Lavender Oil


This popular lavender oil is very effective for stress-relief aid. It is commonly used in massage therapy to help clients to relax. It also helps with insomnia and headaches.

Caution: If allergic reaction develops, discontinue use.


Lemon Oil


This fresh smell of lemon would create a clean feel to any room. This lemon oil also helps improving concentration and mood.

Caution: Contact with skin may cause rash or other allergic reaction.


Peppermint Oil


Popular as a wake-up potion, this stimulating peppermint oil scent will boost your mental alertness. It also helps to relieve congestion and nausea.

Caution: Keep away from children and pregnant women. Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas.


Rose Oil


Legendary for its use as an aphrodisiac, this rose oil is also great as an antidepressant. It is helpful in reducing anxiety and depression.

Caution: Not for pregnant women.


Rosemary Oil


The warm aroma of rosemary oil will stimulate the nervous system and help boosting your memory.

Caution: Not for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or high blood pressure.


Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood oil scent is warm, woody and balsamic. It is popular among yoga doers as it creates a relax, calm and meditative atmosphere. Also good as antidepressant.


Tea Tree Oil


Famous for its benefit for helping to boost immune system, tea tree oil is one of essential oils that needs to be in your possession. Also popular for topical use (only use tea tree oil as directed by its manufacturer as it may have different concentrations for certain uses) because of its powerful healing properties.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Topical use should follow manufacturer’s usage instructions.


All the above essential oils are beneficial to improve general well-being and mood when used moderately. With selections of easy to use aromatherapy diffusers, you are ready to get the benefits of those essential oils. So, the next time you come and visit About Face Salon Supplies, don’t forget to get one for your personal space or even workplace!


  • Usage of essential oils in this article are only for use with appropriate aromatherapy oil diffuser (vaporised). These oils are NOT for topical use, therefore they are NOT to be applied to skin or other sensitive areas.
  • These essential oils should NEVER be ingested (taken in by mouth).
  • Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or other medical conditions should always consult the doctor before using any essential oils.
  • People with asthma or prone to nose bleed should use it with caution.
  • Stop using immediately and seek medical advise if allergic reaction or irritation occurs.