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Simple Manicure Routine

This guide is perfect when you just want a quick and simple manicure done. You can even bring this routine into a sleepover session with your BFFs!

1. Cleansing


Moisten a cotton pad with nail polish remover and wipe over nail until the polish softens and removed completely. Sanitize hands with hand/nail soaking solution, rinse and dry.

2. Filing


File and shape the nails using a nail file/emery board/grinder. File nails in the direction of nail growth to avoid nail splitting. Buff your nails with buffing block to smoothen the nail surface.

3. Soaking


Fill a bowl with 1L of warm water and add hand/nail soaking solution approximately 2-3ml (1-2 squirts). Gently mix and stir the water to produce soft foam. Soak hand and nails for 5-10 minutes or according to the product instructions.

4. Exfoliation


After the hand and nails have been soaked well, dry them thoroughly. You can now remove any dry skin by gently massaging exfoliating scrubs onto the entire hand.

5. Hand Mask

Hand Mask

Apply hand mask to hands, completely covering the skin, from finger tips to the wrist and leave for a few minutes according to the product instructions. Rinse well with warm water.

6. Cuticle Removal

Cuicle Removal

Apply cuticle remover then wait a few seconds to soften cuticle. Loosen the cuticle gently and remove if necessary using cuticle pusher or cuticle nipper if needed. Remove any hardened skin around the nails with cuticle stone. Rinse hands with warm water. Apply cuticle conditioner to the base of each nail. Gently massage into cuticles to help nourish and promote strong healthy nail growth.

7. Hand Massage

Hand Massage

Apply massage hand lotion generously and with long sweeping motion and firm pressure, massage into the hand and arm.

8. Apply Polish

Apply Polish

Wipe the nails with a lint-free wipe to remove any traces of the massage lotion, use polish remover if necessary. Apply nail treatment on each nail or simply apply your favourite nail polish to really show off your fresh manicured look. Remember to use base coat to prevent nail stains and top coat to keep the results long lasting.

9. Moisturise

Moisturise After

Once the polish dries, you can moisturise your hands and nail area again. Make sure the polish is completely dry. You can use some nail polish curer to help the polish dries quickly.

Voila! You now have pretty nails and soft hands! This quick routine requires less time than the complete manicure procedure so you can do it more often to keep your hands and nails pretty all the time.