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Pedicure with lyco’pedi by Lycon

Entering the cooler season doesn’t mean your feet get neglected. Pedicure with lyco’pedi by Lycon has never been this fun and easy. Follow the lyco’pedi signature foot treatment below for a fuss-free pedicure session.

1. Prepare

Please wear gloves as required when performing treatment for clients. Sanitise feet with Lycotane Skin Cleanser. Remove unwanted nail polish.

2. Check and shape nails

Confirm correct shape preferred, check nail bed for damage. Shape and file nails as necessary. For hard nails, soak feet first.

3. Soak feet

Dissolve lyco’pedi Refreshing Soak in warm water, place feet in foot bath. Allow feet to soak for a few minutes. Remove both feet onto towel and dry well.

4. Callus and cuticle treatment

Apply lyco’pedi Callus Remover to callus build up, directly to the skin or with a tissue compress. Leave on 3-5 minutes or longer for thickly callused skin. In the meantime, apply lyco’pedi Callus Remover to cuticles and leave on 30 seconds to soften, push back with cuticle pusher. Wipe cuticles thoroughly with wet cotton. Follow on and buff softened calluses with dry lyco’pedi Paddle.

5. Scrub

Exfoliate foot and leg with lyco’pedi Sugar Scrub. Wash feet and cuticles well and towel dry.

6. Use nippers/nail buffers

If needed on problem areas, use cuticle nippers. Buff nails to remove ridges, smoothing the nail bed to a beautiful shine.

7. Massage

Apply lyco’pedi Massage Lotion to feet and legs, massage 3-4 minutes per leg. Cleanse off with hot towel.

8. Hydrate

Apply lyco’pedi Hydrating Mask to feet and legs, cover with dry warm towels or heated booties, leave on at least 5 minutes. During this time, you can perform a scalp or hand massage. If you would like to incorporate a paraffin mask in this treatment, apply a small amount of lyco’pedi Hydrating Mask, massage it in and then apply Lycon Paraffin Mask as per your normal application. Remove it when ready.

9. Smoothing

Massage in soothing and rejuvenating lyco’pedi Smoothing Cream, rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter. Before nail polish application, ensure nails are cleaned off treatment product residue.

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