Beauty Tips

Keep Spray Tan Last Longer

Welcoming the sun this summer, you want to make sure that you have the envious tan. Forget about the sun, everyone knows it is bad for the skin to be under the scorching sun for a prolonged time. We know the need to look pretty this summer without having to torture the skin: Spray Tan.


Whether you do it in your favourite beauty parlour, or you do it yourself at home, you want the tan to last as long as the summer lasts. Here are few tips to keep your beautiful tan last longer.

Before the Spray Tan

Exfoliate your body every day three days prior tanning treatment with the exfoliating mitten, especially your elbows, knees and heels. This will help the tan spread and develop evenly.

Moisturise the day or night before to prepare the skin. This will hydrate the skin and prepare it to receive an even spray tan.

It is recommended to prepare hair-free skin to get maximum result from spray tan treatment. Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before to avoid dark pore look.

To prevent creating a barrier, do not apply product containing actives, petroleum-based lotions, oils or essential oils. This also includes deodorant, foundation or any skin make up products that could cause uneven tan colour.

Before applying any tanning solutions, wash off all products on skin. Make sure the skin is clean and perfectly polished.

After the Spray Tan

Always ask your beauty technician what procedures are to be done after the treatment. This includes how soon you can get under the shower, and how hot/cold the water should be, and what cleansing/moisturising products you can/cannot use. Avoid long soaks in the bathtub. Quick showers are best.

Cleanse body with gentle cleanser. Different tanning products have different ingredients. Therefore, make sure you check your tanning solution specifications beforehand.

Keep the skin moisturised using non-oil based gentle moisturiser, preferably moisturiser that specifically formulated for spray-tanned skin.

After treatment, aim for minimal skin-to-fabric contact. You don’t want your fresh tan to be ruined by your bra straps or panty lines. Use the paper or non-woven undergarments that usually are provided during treatment. Wear loose, dark coloured outter clothing. Cotton material is the best choice.

Use tan maintainer products to prolong the life of yout tan.

    Additional tips:

  • Invest in good self-tanning products for touch ups, especially for face and hands as they usually fade the quickest.
  • Avoid heavy physical exercises as sweat can reduce the life of your tan. Use tan booster after shower to maintain your tan.
  • When the tan is starting to fade, do a light gentle exfoliation every two or three days to make sure your tan fading evenly. Do not use harsh scrubs such as salt or oatmeal as they can make the tan patch.