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Hot Stone Massage

The spring is here and it is time to loosen our stiff winter muscles. Nothing beats the excitement of having a hot stone massage treatment! Book your treatment today at your favourite massage parlour.

Hot stone treatment was first done as pain relieving treatment by Native Americans. The stones were heated by fire then placed on the aching muscles to provide relieve. This concept was then used in combination with massage procedure, giving birth to the hot stone massage that we know today.

This kind of massage requires skills and sensitivity on the part of the therapist. Make sure the massage parlour is certified and trained to perform this hot stone massage treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Why hot stone massage is so good?

The hot stone massage, combined with full body massage, is delivering heat and pressure on your body to expand blood vessels which promotes blood flow. The heat from the stone helps your tense muscles relax to let the massage pressures work more effectively.

Hot stone massage therapy can also lower stress while reducing tensions. This relaxing treatment may also help you combat symptoms of anxiety disorders or depression.

What to expect during hot stone massage treatment?

The extremely polished and smooth massage stones used in hot stone massage are usually basalt which composed of mineral grains. The iron ore contained in basalt helps the stone absorb and retain heat longer than ordinary stone. Different shapes and sizes of stones are used during treatment for different muscles.

Before the procedure, the stones are sanitised and heated in a hot stone heater. While waiting for the stones to heat up, the therapist usually massage your body while distributing massage oil throughout your body.

The therapist then places the heated stones at key acupressure points throughout the body. Make sure the heat is comfortable for you. Do not afraid to tell the therapist if you feel the stones are too hot on your skin.

The hot stones can also be used to knead the muscles by gently moving the stones over the stiff muscles. Let your therapist know if the pressure is too hard or too light as different person may have different pain tolerance.

Once your muscles are relaxed through the heating process, the therapist will perform other massage techniques, such as the deep tissue massage or Swedish massage.

What are the benefits of hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy is very recommended for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, cold feet, muscle pain and other conditions which are mostly caused by poor circulation of the blood.

    Benefits from hot stone massage therapy:

  • Relieves stress and helps reducing symptoms of anxiety disorder or depression
  • Relieves tension or pain from sore and strained muscles
  • Promotes blood flow which can increase metabolism

Caution: This therapy is not appropriate for people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or are on medication that thins the blood. This therapy is not recommended for pregnant women and menopause women. Always check with the professionals before taking the hot stone massage treatment. Make sure the therapist is fully certified and trained to perform hot stone massage treatment.