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Which Wax? Hot Wax or Strip Wax?

Ever wonder which wax to use for facial area? Or is it the same type that you can use on your legs? Wonder no more, as this guide will go through areas of the body and which type of wax is suitable. Before we go and explore the

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Hair Removal Options

It is important to choose the right hair removal method to get the best result with minimum side effects. Consultations with professionals are crucial prior any treatments. During the consultations, make sure the beauty therapist do a patch test to make sure the product used is suitable for

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How to Do Waxing

Waxing at home is an option when you just want to do the pampering yourself at the convenience of your home sweet home. There are several techniques to do waxing, but the hot waxing is preferred by beauty salons as this technique is more effective than other techniques.

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