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Pedicure with lyco’pedi by Lycon

Entering the cooler season doesn’t mean your feet get neglected. Pedicure with lyco’pedi by Lycon has never been this fun and easy. Follow the lyco’pedi signature foot treatment below for a fuss-free pedicure session. 1. Prepare Please wear gloves as required when performing treatment for clients. Sanitise feet

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Simple Manicure Routine

This guide is perfect when you just want a quick and simple manicure done. You can even bring this routine into a sleepover session with your BFFs! 1. Cleansing Moisten a cotton pad with nail polish remover and wipe over nail until the polish softens and removed completely.

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How to Do Paraffin Treatment

A paraffin treatment is one effective procedure to obtain a silky smooth skin. This treatment is best for extremely dry or cracked skin because the paraffin wax forms a coating over the skin which helps retain the natural body oil. This procedure is usually performed on hands and

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How to Do Manicure

Getting your manicure done at home is fun, considering you have the time! Otherwise, you can always get to your favourite manicure salon to get your nails done without the hassle. However, if you insist to do your manicure at home, this guide below will help your nails

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