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Elleebana Brow Henna Information

Welcoming the new Henna for brows by Elleebana, we would like to provide here as much information as possible regarding this excellent range for a more natural solution of eyebrow tinting. Find out what makes the Elleebana Brow Henna unique and stands out from the rest here: For

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IMPORTANT Refectocil Formula Changes

Important Refectocil Formula Changes Information Due to new regulations, some of Refectocil products now have new formulations. Some products affected may lead to changes in application procedure. This includes the oxidant mixing ratio change, and other differences. CAUTION: Please refer to Refectocil official website, on Tips & Hints

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Perfecting the Brows

Who wants those perfectly sculpted brows? Me! Me! Me! Do you know that there is no one brow shape that would suit every face but there is one that is the safest: your very own natural brow shape. Before we choose which shape is best for our face,

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How to Perm Lashes

This article provides information about what to expect when you perm lashes at beauty salons. Eyelash perming is a beauty procedure to curl your lashes and the curl usually lasts for weeks or months. Always see professional aestheticians who are qualified and experienced in performing eyelash perming procedure

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