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Christmas Beauty: Body and Mind Pampering

Christmas is coming and you are so ready for this holiday festive. Don’t forget to pamper your body and mind and to welcome this coming New Year! Pampering Your Body Take a good bath Take your candles out from the cupboard, grab the bath salts you’ve been keeping

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Distilled Water for Beauty

You might have been using distilled water all this long for your ironing. But, do you know that distilled water for beauty is not something new? Distilled water is one of the beauty secrets to get clear skin and healthy hair. Learn the benefits of distilled water below!

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IMPORTANT Refectocil Formula Changes

Important Refectocil Formula Changes Information Due to new regulations, some of Refectocil products now have new formulations. Some products affected may lead to changes in application procedure. This includes the oxidant mixing ratio change, and other differences. CAUTION: Please refer to Refectocil official website, on Tips & Hints

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Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is here and we are so ready to get over this cold and dry weather. Not to mention the freezing breeze that may cause your lip to crack. Or the hot water you use during shower which strips the natural oil away from your skin. Winter is

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