Beauty Tips

Beautiful Skin and Healthy Body Through Dry Brushing

If you have never brush your body before, it is time to adopt this good habit. From toning the skin, to reduce cellulite, dry brushing brings you many benefits.

Stimulate and Exfoliate


Body brushing performed on dry skin can stimulate your skin as well as giving it an exfoliation. Dry brush on dry skin is best for stimulation as the stiff bristle will stimulate the touch receptors and boost circulation.

Exfoliation provided by dry brushing means getting rid of ingrown hairs and bumps. By removing dead skin cells, the skin will looked polished and glowing. It leads to a more even skin tone. It also helps with product absorption as the skin is clean and pores are unclogged.

Skin Firming and Reduce Cellulite

Firm skin is one of the benefits you will get from regular body brushing. It is the after effect from improved blood circulation and skin cell stimulation. When the bristle stimulates the sebaceous glands, it will produce more sebum which then keeps the skin moisturised and supple.


The dry brushing process also assists in reducing cellulite if done regularly. It helps soften the fat deposits below the skin then distributes the fat deposits more evenly. This may not completely remove the cellulite but it will help reduce and diminish the appearance of the cellulite when done regularly.

Lymph Drainage


The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products from the body. The lymphatic system itself delivers the waste out of the body through muscle contractions. Dry brushing will boost blood flow which then stimulates your lymphatic system to release toxin build ups and waste.


Invest in a high quality body brush. Body brushes come in different shapes, stiffness, and materials. Choose one or several brushes that suit you and your skin conditions. For example, for a light brushing, choose body brush with softer bristles. And for areas with thicker skin, such as knees or elbows, use body brush with stiffer bristles. For body back, it is easier to use massage strap to perform dry brushing.


Start brushing from the soles of your feet, up to the legs, your arms, back, stomach and chest, working towards your heart which is best for blood circulation and your lymphatic system. Stroke the brush in an upward movement towards major lymph nodes (underarms, jugular trunk, groin).

Start with light pressure until you are used to the sensation, and use firmer strokes on tougher skin. Adjust pressure according to your preference, not too light that you don’t feel anything, but not too hard that it may damage the epidermis layer.

Perform dry brushing once a day, every morning before shower. This way, you can start your day feeling energised.


  • Only brush on dry skin with a clean and dry body brush. Never use brushes that are not dedicated for body brushing, as they may damage the skin.
  • Avoid brushing on sensitive or damaged or irritated skin. Avoid facial areas, breasts and genital areas. On cellulite areas, use a light pressure and gentle brushing motions over the problematic areas.
  • Always seek medical practitioner’s advice before brushing when pregnant or having health conditions.