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Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is here and we are so ready to get over this cold and dry weather. Not to mention the freezing breeze that may cause your lip to crack. Or the hot water you use during shower which strips the natural oil away from your skin. Winter is

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Which Wax? Hot Wax or Strip Wax?

Ever wonder which wax to use for facial area? Or is it the same type that you can use on your legs? Wonder no more, as this guide will go through areas of the body and which type of wax is suitable. Before we go and explore the

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Hair Removal Options

It is important to choose the right hair removal method to get the best result with minimum side effects. Consultations with professionals are crucial prior any treatments. During the consultations, make sure the beauty therapist do a patch test to make sure the product used is suitable for

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How to Do Paraffin Treatment

A paraffin treatment is one effective procedure to obtain a silky smooth skin. This treatment is best for extremely dry or cracked skin because the paraffin wax forms a coating over the skin which helps retain the natural body oil. This procedure is usually performed on hands and

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How to Do Manicure

Getting your manicure done at home is fun, considering you have the time! Otherwise, you can always get to your favourite manicure salon to get your nails done without the hassle. However, if you insist to do your manicure at home, this guide below will help your nails

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